TRION-climate - Network for energy and climate

What is TRION-climate?

TRION-climate is a Franco-German-Swiss network of energy market operators in the tri-national metropolitan Upper Rhine region.

The joint aim of all TRION-climate members is to support and assist the Upper Rhine in its quest to become a role model in the energy industry.


Benefits for members:

  • Presentation of your company or organization in a 2-speaking Members Directory
  • Cross-border experience and knowledge sharing: priority for participation in events
  • Reduced rates or free admission at the partner trade shows and partner events
  • Possibility to publicize your energy-company on trade fairs as a exhibitor at TRION booth
  • Cross-border cooperation opportunities: support in finding a partner and project identification
  • Expansion of international market opportunities: priority as a speaker at conferences of TRION climat

List of our members


Cross-border tour through the GETEC Exhibition
17th February 2017, Freiburg Germany

The GETEC exhibition (Building Energy Technology) celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2017! TRION-climate supported it by bringing an international aspect trough a simultaneous translated guided tour through the GETEC on the afternoon of the 17th of February. French and Swiss entrepreneurs had the opportunity to meet German exhibitors. In addition, six members of the association have participated in the TRION booth as a sub-exhibitor.

2017_02_TRION-Stand Geotherm1.jpg

GeoTHERM - expo & congress
15 + 16. February 2017, Offenburg Germany

TRION-climate is a cooperation partner of the "GeoTHERM – expo & congress" and supports it by bringing an international aspect. This year was the 11th congress and exhibition. This is the largest exhibition in Europe dedicated to geothermal energy.
The members of the association of TRION-climate had the opportunity to present themselves as a sub-exhibitor at the TRION booth. Six members of the association TRION-climate chose to use this service.


Biogas - expo & congress
8 + 9. February 2017, Offenburg Germany

TRION-climate is a partner of the "Biogas – expo & congress" and supports it by bringing an international aspect. The congress with trade fair took place this time for the 9th time and focused in particular on the markets of Germany, France and Switzerland. The members of the association of TRION-climate had the opportunity to present themselves as a sub-exhibitor at the TRION booth free of charge. Six members of the association TRION-climate chose to use this service.

Gesamter Raum1.JPG

1st Colloquium of the Interreg project Clim'Ability
14th December 2016, Strasbourg Maison de la Région

TRION climate participates as co-financing partner in Interreg project “Clim'Ability– strategies
for companies to adapt to climate change in the Upper Rhin Valley”. In this context, the first of a series of three colloquies was held on 14th December in Strasbourg. The day was introduced by Mr Hubert Walter, Regional Adviser of the Greater East Region and member of the Environment Committee. Followed the presentations of the weather services and the universities who presented the first scientific results.

2016_12_Blackout_Podium mit Alberto.jpg

Trinational Congress "Blackout - large-scale cross-border
Power failure",
7th December 2016, Congress Center Basel

The German-French-Swiss Upper Rhine Conference organized within the framework of their working group Help in Case of Catastrophe (Sabine Gaudin), the Climate and Energy Commission (Dr. Alberto Isenburg), and the Expert Committee on Technological Risks (Arnold Müller), the Trinational Congress "Blackout: large-scale cross-border power failure".
These representatives of the Upper Rhine Conference introduced the theme. The Regio Basiliensis and TRION-climate supported the organization of the event with more than 150 participants.


2nd Trinational Climate and Energy Congress
"Heating networks and utilization of waste heat"
25th November 2016, Lörrach Germany

TRION-climate was commissioned by the Upper Rhine Conference with the organization of the 2nd Trinational Climate and Energy Congress which took place this time with the support of the state of Baden-Württemberg and the county Lörrach.
The first part of the event was dedicated to the topic of political keynotes and lectures by energy agencies. The afternoon was dedicated to exemplary practices from the three countries of the Upper Rhine. About 120 people attended this conference, which was opened by Ms Bärbel Schäfer, President of the Prefecture of the Fribourg Region.

1st General Assembly of TRION-climate
28th June 2016, Fribourg Germany

The first General Assembly of TRION-climate took place on June 28, 2016 at the premises of the Badenova in Fribourg. 27 of the 45 members were personally present (60%) and 125 of the 167 votes (75%) were represented. Mr. Charles Baltzer of the Department of Bas-Rhin was elected as a member of the steering committee composed of six people (two from each country: Germany, France and Switzerland).


Unterzeichnung MoU Titelbild

1st Trinational Climate and Energy Conference
20th November 2015, Liestal Switzerland

The Franco-German-Swiss Upper Rhine region wants to serve as an example for the international negotiations of the UN Climate Change Conference COP21 in Paris. Actors from politics and business discussed in this Congress together solutions for the implementation of trinational climate and energy strategy of the Upper Rhine. During the event, the Memorandum of Understanding Global Climate Leadership (Under2MoU), which was initiated by the state of Baden-Württemberg and the State of California was signed by the Région Alsace, the Bas-Rhin region and the cantons Basel-Stadt and Basel-Land.

Photo: Europe Minister Peter Friedrich and Government President Bärbel Schäfer at the signing of the "Under2MoU" from the Région Alsace (Vice-President Jean-Marie Belliard) and the Basel cantons (Councilor Sabine Pegoraro and chief officer Matthias Nabholz).

Titelbild Unterzeichnung Vereinsgründung

Trion-climate association founded
13th March 2015, Baden-Baden Germany

Political representatives of the regional authorities founded TRION-climate e.V. during the executive committee meeting of the Franco-German-Swiss Upper Rhine Conference, giving the former TRION Network its own legal status.
The inaugural meeting in Baden Baden was chaired by Regierunspräsidentin Karlsruhe Nicolette Kressl, and the TRION-climate e.V. articles of association were signed by Philippe Richert, Président of the Région Alsace; Louis Becker, Vice-Président of the Conseil Général du Bas-Rhin; Guy Morin, Regierungspräsident of the Basel-Stadt Canton; Urs Wüthrich, Regierungsrat for the Basel-Landschaft Canton; Philippe Receveur, Ministre of the Jura Canton Minister; Bärbel Schäfer, Regierungspräsidentin Freiburg; and Uwe Hüser, Staatssekretär for Rhineland-Palatinate, as representatives of the respective regional authorities.


Interreg project of the energy network TRION

Until June 2015, the activities of the TRION energy network were carried out under two Interreg projects:
1st Interreg Project: Creation of a trinational energy network in the Upper Rhine
2nd Interreg Project: Accelerating the energy transition in the Upper Rhine Region
The Climate and Energy Commission of the Upper Rhine Conference provided strategic management for these Interreg projects. The Regierungspräsidium Freiburg, as the representative of Land Baden-Württemberg, was the project's bearer and administrative manager. The Land of Rhineland-Palatinate, the cantons of Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft and Jura, the Alsace Region and the departments of Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin were joint sponsors of the two Interreg projects.

2015_05_Treffen der Kommunen_Vortrag Stadt Kehl.JPG

Municipal governments meeting “Energy policy in Germany and France”
19th May 2015, Strasbourg Eurométropole

TRION organized a meeting for municipal governments on the topic of “The energy policy in Germany and France”. In order to better understand the energy and climate protection policy on both sides of the Rhine, the meeting provide an overview of the various instruments in France and Germany, at a national, regional and local level. The focus will be on the climate protection and energy plan adopted by the cross-border region of Strasbourg-Ortenau. Representatives of the Ortenaukreis and the cities of Strasbourg, Kehl and Illkirch gave a lecture.

2015_03_Podiumsdiskussion 4.Geothermieforum.JPG

4th Forum for Geothermal energy in the Upper Rhine on acceptance
5th March 2015, Offenburg Expo GeoTHERM

TRION organized the 4th Forum for Geothermal energy in the Upper Rhine in cooperation with Enerchange. The conference with excursion takes place within the framework the International Geothermal Conference (IGC) of the exhibition Geotherm. The main issue will be the sociological aspect of acceptance, which is an important factor affecting the success of sustainable use of deep geothermal energy. TRION offers a cross border platform to inform about lessons learned and state of the art in technology. Alain Jund, Vice-President of Eurometropole Strasbourg, Jochen Fischer, Mayor of Neuried, Pierre Mammosser, Mayor of Soultz-sous-Forêts, Bernard Kempf, CEO of Groupe ES and Josef Daldrup, CEO of Daldrup & Söhne AG had a debate between politics and the industry.

Titelseite DE Katalog 5.11.2014 Visits

Cross-border visits of model buildings for the energy transition
5th November 2014, Basel, Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Strasburg

TRION-climate was a cooperation partner of the Energivie Summit and organized cross-border visits of model buildings for the energy transition in Karlsruhe, Freiburg and Basel. A fourth visit in Strasbourg was organized by EDF and the group ES. In the Kreativpark Karlsruhe the group visited the largest office building in accordance with the passive house standard of Baden-Württemberg, in Freiburg another group visited the particularly sustainable Vauban quarter and in Basel a third group inspected interesting model buildings of the 2000-watt society and the quarter Schorenstadt. You can download the booklet with the visited buildings and quarters here

2014_10_ Biomassennutzung.JPG

2nd Trinational conference sustainable use of biomass
23rd October 2014, Offenburg Expo Biogas

TRION organized this second conference in partnership with the Karlruhe Insitute of Technology within the Interreg-project “OUI Biomasse”. The first part of the conference was devoted to scientific presentations by KIT, EIFER and the University of Strasbourg. Next, exemplary achievements in the sustainable use of biomass in the three countries were presented. The morning conference was followed by an excursion to a biogas plant from the Badenova to Neuried.

2014_06_Unternehmertreffen_Betriebl. Energieeffizienz_isenburg.JPG

1st trinational business meeting “Operational energy efficiency”
24th June 2014, Münchenstein Switzerland

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce Südlicher Oberrhein and Région Alsace, the Economic Chamber Baselland and TRION, organized together a business meeting on “Operational energy efficiency”. The event took place at the premises of the energy company Elektra Birseck Münchenstein. In the first part, one exemplary company by country was presented. Representatives of the consular chambers and the companies then exchanged a round table discussion. The event was opened by Mr Alberto Isenburg, Head of the Environment and Energy Department of the Canton Basel-Landschaft.

2014_06_Nachhaltiges Bauen_Prof. Karl-Heinz Meisel.JPG

3rd colloquium "Sustainable construction in the Upper Rhine"
5th June 2014, Karlsruhe Germany

Following up on the first and the second colloquia which took place in Basel in 2011 and in Strasburg in 2012, TRION-climate organized in partnership with the Hochschule Karlsruhe the third and last colloquium of the Interreg project TEM3-Transfer Energy Material. This third colloquium was dedicated to the comparison of methods used by the 3 countries and the innovations with practical application in the field of materials and energy in buildings. Professor Karl-Heinz Meisel of the Hochschule Karlsruhe delivered the opening speech.

2014_05_B.Schäfer_ 3. Geothermieforum.JPG

3th Trinational forum for geothermal energy
16th Mai 2014, Freiburg Germany

TRION-climate organized, along with his partner Enerchange, the trinational forum “Geothermal energy in the Upper Rhine valley” followed by an excursion in Riehen, Switzerland. The event took place within the framework of the 10th International conference for geothermal energy (IGC). The 120 participants from France, Switzerland and Germany attended presentations dedicated to the prospects of the Rhine valley and feedback from existing geothermal power plants. The event was opened by Mrs Bärbel Schäfer, President of the Regional Prefecture of Freiburg.

ID_3310_2013_11_Biomassennutzung_S. Waserman.jpg

1st Trinational conference “Sustainable use of biomass in the Upper Rhine”
29th November 2013, Strasbourg France

TRION organized this conference in partnership with the Karlruhe Insitute of Technology within the Interreg-project “OUI Biomasse”. The conference served to analyze economic, ecological and social aspects of sustainable use of biomass. In addition to scientific interventions, concrete examples of the economic world have been presented. Thus Mr Sylvain Waserman, Director of the GDS Network, presented the Biovalsan project.

2013_11_Energiewende und Lebensqualität.JPG

Trinational meeeting “Energy transition and quality of life”
15th November 2013, Regierungspräsidium Freiburg

TRION organized the trinational meeting and excursion in the Freiburg district Vauban in cooperation with the association of Friends of Nature. The target group was composed of representatives of citizens’ initiatives, as energy cooperatives, associations of environmental and climate protection, but also representatives from politics and industry. In a working group, participants discussed ideas for a successful energy transition from the perspective of citizens.

2013_03_Konf. Colmar_Parasote_Buttner_Disch.JPG

Conference "Optimization of the energy efficiency in buildings "
21th March 2013, Colmar France

In cooperation with the government of the Département Haut Rhin, TRION-climate organized on 21st March 2013 the conference “Optimization of the energy efficiency in buildings: economic and social solutions in the Upper Rhine” in Colmar. Charles Buttner, president of the departmental council of Haut-Rhin, made an opening speech for more than 150 participants. The solar architect of Freiburg Rolf Disch introduced the theme. Vulla Parasote-Matziri presented the results of TRION's study "Market analysis and potential for the renovation of the building".

Vorstellung der NZEB Studie

Consumer survey "nearly zero energy building“
Published in September 2012

The consumer survey on nearly zero energy building was presented to the committee of the Upper Rhine Conference on 7th December 2012. In the following press conference with the president of the region of Freiburg Bärbel Schäfer, the Secretary-General of the Prefecture Alsace Jacques Garau and the local government of the canton of Basel-Landschaft Urs Wüthrich-Pelloli, Vulla Parasote-Matziri in charge of the project, summarized the essential results to the press.

2012_11_Nachhaltiges Bauen_Parasote.JPG

2nd Colloquium on sustainable construction in the Upper Rhine Region
15th November 2012, Strasbourg France

Following up on the first colloquium which took place in Basel on 17th November 2011, TRION-climate organized the second colloquium in partnership with the Interreg project TEM3. The aim was to communicate the results of the research carried out under the TEM3-Transfer Energy Material project in a cross-border framework. The INSA Strasbourg, the Hochschule Karlsruhe, the IUT of the University of Strasbourg and the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz presented their research to about 120 participants.

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